The New Alpha 2000 Series Aircraft:


Want to own one of the world's most stylish metal-framed, single engined, 2-seater trainer aircraft? Need a plane with an enviable history of performance and reliability? Want a world-class piece of engineering that's FAA and EASA certified, but that doesn't come with a hefty price tag? Need one platform that's ideal for training novices as well as aerobatics students?

Then you want an Alpha!

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Alpha Aviation produces the Alpha 2000 Series (formerly known as the Robin R2160 and R2120) training aircraft. These fun-to-fly aircraft are fast establishing themselves with Flying Schools and Aero Clubs as the 'trainer of choice' because of their ease of maintenance, their high availability rates, and their lower 'total-cost-of-ownership' proposition. The fact that they're such a great aircraft to fly AND are fully aerobatics rated makes them an even more attractive option.

So explore our site and get to know our aircraft, because we think this is the 2-seater, aerobatics-capable trainer aircraft that your head, your heart AND your hip pocket will all agree on!

Latest News and Updates:

Civil Aviation Administration of China - Type certificate validated, see links page to view.

Please see below, Service Manuals AAA079 and AAA080, latest revision available

Please note that our new contact address and phone number details can be found on the contacts page.

Alpha Aviation Technical Publications

Service Letter AA-SL-27-002, July 2015, Inspection of Alpha R2000 Control Grips added.

CANCELLATION - Apex SB 123R3 in line with cancellation of DCA/R2000/28A, Refer latestest issue of service manual for inspection intervals

Service manual AAA079 Rev 3, Nov 2014 now available

Service manual AAA080 Rev 4, Nov 2014 now available

Service Bulletin AA-SB-32-003, Rev 0, Nov 2014, Alternative Steering Lock Rod Assembly

Service Bulletin AA-SB-71-007, Rev 0, Aug 2014, Engine Airbox and Ducting Inspection

Service Bulletin AA-SB-33-001, Rev 0, May 2014, LED Landing and Taxi Light Installation

Service Bulletin AA-SB-24-003, Rev 0, May 2014, ETA CB Switch replacement for Alpha series 120T, 160A & 160Ai is now available on request. Contact for details.

Service Bulletin AA-SB-24-002, Rev 0, January 2014









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